Montana Mrs

Posted February 18th, 2021 by Suzy

– But that I can do for you? Ms. Montana. And they are happening so rare stuff?. Asked the Dove-the truth my dear Dove is that little is known of what happens; It is said that the world is changing; that the planet can be covered by water if still melting our glaciers and snow of the great mountains. MARGENZA may help you with your research. Listen to tell a group of mountaineers, that very often came here, that everything is the fault of global warming and the same human beings who do not know what they do to creating industrial quantities of toxic waste and that makes our ozone layer from cracking and the Earth warms every day more and more. But really, we, that we’re just a good piece of land, cannot do much. – But then that I can do? He asks the Dove very distraught by the explanation that you give the Montana Mrs.

-That way I can I help her to you or maybe put a bit and help at the same time our planet? It is when Ms. Montana closing their eyes and performing a deep sigh, as thinking, he said, already are. -You can fly and how you are a pigeon racing, you can go from tree to tree, nest in nest and communicate them to your other pigeons classmates, what is happening with this world and send messages of support, alert to all beings who inhabit within the Earth, and at the same time with their beaks and her pathic may begin to clean it. And so the millions of beings who live here, will have to give an account of the work that you have done and perhaps serve as an example that they do the same and begin to work towards the place where they live and that has given them both without asking anything in return. Maybe so this process of warming and melting of the ice back and back to cover me with my beautiful coat white, blinking, almost of glass and I will make beautiful, majestic, as I’ve always been, from the beginning of all time.

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