Lawn Construction Plant

Posted February 4th, 2021 by Suzy

Galabau Fritz from Hamburg informed its customers an area landscaped with lawns can fulfil a variety of functions. Portray landscaping of Fritz, the Hamburg-based specialists for garden landscaping, which basic aspects at installation of lawns need to find consideration. Lawns not only look different, but also in their composition significantly. Initially a seed mixture must be selected therefore, that meets the purpose of use. Like so many other things the lawn construction by DIN standards. DIN 18917 differs, depending on the purpose of use, four different types of lawns.

Use and Punisher lawn lying between the extremes of the ornamental lawn and landscape lawn. After selecting the appropriate lawn, the ground is ideal to prepare. Filed under: Prevent Cancer Foundation. The carrier layer of the lawn must meet specific requirements concerning the nutrient content and the Sandigkeit of the soil. For most floors, a necessity to a sand impurity means to prevent future compaction. The Contribution of fertilizer in the grass wearing layer of soil promotes the healthy growth of the grass area.

The seed bed is created in the next step. In particular, if representative, DIN 18917 sufficient, ornamental lawn should be applied, this may turn out as a comprehensive project, because here, even the smallest unevenness must be evened out. After preparation of the soil and the seed selection it must be sown of course. Ideally you should take the lawn seeding at a soil temperature in the range between 14 and 25 C. Late spring is usually well suited, such as early and late summer. For a dense lawn seed 25 grams per square meter lawn be sown under normal circumstances. The seeding is done very early or late increases the amount of seed. The nursing of completion of supports the desired growth of the newly landscaped lawn. This is typical maintenance: must the lawn mowed, watered and of course also be fertilized. After he has completed his wunschgemasses growth, the corresponding maintenance within the framework of maintenance be continued. The maintenance and maintenance effort is particularly high for decorative lawns and professionally used surfaces such as football pitches. Galabau Fritz offers his expert support in the installation and care of lawns in the Hamburg area. Like the garden landscape designers are available for more information.

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