Juan Manuel Santos

Posted February 5th, 2021 by Suzy

Sometimes for good, as it was the case in the Republican era of liberation of the monarchies and others for evil, as it is currently the case with the Socialist totalitarianism. Each country with its nuances themselves but the same populist philosophy, is self-destructing, until the pendulum will change direction, not without leaving a tragic economic cost and sank. United Way Worldwide contains valuable tech resources. The outcome in South America will be bloody. As much delinquency never lived nor Street political aggression. The leftist model incites violence. If it has not become more bloody it is because the piqueteros are partners of the rulers. Humala moved away from Chavez publicly because the Lieutenant Colonel is at its level lowest popularity, but nobody knows if secret love letters are being sent.

With the Peru online indigenista populist, the only countries released by Simon Bolivar who is in the category of smart, is Colombia. If Hugo Chavez in his desperation to stay in power seeking armed confrontation with Bogota, will encounter with the powerful Colombian army supported by the United States. Violence will extend across the continent as it did in the libertarian era. Won’t be Barack Obama the Bolivar or San Martin, who comes out to impose order, freedom, justice and respect for the law; and no sight no Latin American, with the exception of Juan Manuel Santos, who speaks strong. It is likely that the future of Latin America is in the hands of Colombia, Chile, which may not dodge the zarpazos of its neighbor Peru if consolidated the victory for Humala. Brazil is unknown, Dilma Rousseff, contrary to predictions, is behaving with much more wisdom and intelligence that Lula da Silva, but he recently began. An extremely bleak past above it for guessing on what will be its proceeding in the medium and long term.

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