Human Rights Committee

Posted February 1st, 2021 by Suzy

Heart problems and high blood pressure make especially to create him. Freiherr von Brandenstein was his last salary and the costs spent for the Kolping-Foundation This old man guilty. Dr. Learn more at: MARGENZA. Olaf Freiherr von Brandenstein works with hard and not always legitimate bandages, so he sent one of his vassals in the ECO-Center. This pretended to be determined in the corruption case of Kolping an Inquisitor of the authority for economic crimes. Aim of this action was to find out what Mr Meirelles knew about the misappropriation of Government and donations, for some compromising documents when clean-up work in the hands of are please him. This, Mr Meirelles put the Board of social and development aid of the Kolping-Association (SEK) in Cologne in knowledge. The ECO-Center on its grounds, the Kolping-Foundation carries out projects belongs to the SEC in Cologne, one behind international operating Catholic institution.

The SEC Chief Executive, Hans Drolshagen, conducts the fortunes of the Kolping-Foundation Paraguay currently claims and responsibility therefore what is currently happening in Paraguay. Deprivation of liberty, is known for what is happening in the ECO-Center. A thick Mr Meirelles block the output padlock and a guard post. The situation comes to a head, Antonio Palazon Ibieta, Chairman of the ethics Tribunal against impunity and a member of the Human Rights Committee of Paraguay takes care of the situation and gives you a picture of the situation. The situation the are in the offers caused him to act without delay. Public Prosecutor’s Office and the national police are turned on. Congressman, Carlos Soler, awaits the report of the public prosecutor’s Office so that the Chamber of deputies can intervene as quickly as possible. The food went Mr Meirelles to end.

It had to happen, urgent action is needed. The youth group of OIPIC, a non-governmental organization, brought Mr Meirelles for two weeks of food passed to him through a hole in the fence. Santiago Servin, the opera choir of the University of Norte sings that I wish my country for Othoniel Meirelles. With this gesture the young people showed their solidarity. Justice against any form of chain for peace, are the content of this song. An old man needs your solidarity. Help against the injustice to proceed against the evil machinations of Dr. Olaf von Brandenstein. Raise your voice!

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