Posted March 6th, 2017 by Suzy

A fundamental aspect which is not guaranteed in the lives of couples, is that love lasts forever. We hope, we want to do so. Also told us: love is forever, and we rush to the task of living that belief or mandate in a spectacular way. When we see in ourselves or our partner minor symptom of love is going, go into panic, in anguish. Of course nobody wants to stop being loved or unique to the couple, however, when indifference becomes the life of couples, feels in the soul and the heart.

Something that precisely, is called heartbreak. -Not be what happens to me, but you don’t want anymore as before. -Do not understand why, but I wish not so much. -Don’t know that way, but now doesn’t interest me what you. – And what’s wrong, now I don’t look like other days. – And what happens to me, I have no fun with you.

– And who knows what happened, but as our meetings are now rather disagreements. When indifference is only present in one of the members the experience of such a situation is very painful for the other part of the couple. He feels that it has given everything and that your partner no longer loves you. The first question we ask is: do walk with someone else? Maybe Yes, maybe not. The heartbreak can knock on the door of the intimacy of the relationship, in the interests of the company. Anyway, not necessarily it is tied to the infidelity, but it can be. Everything can be the life partner. But someone has left you wanting to, better not insist. Love and the feeling of love are not volunteers, arise, are given, are noticed, feel and can not hide. The heartbreak also feels, but don’t want to touch it, is a great pain and fills the life of wounds, but we better wish not to see it, do not call him by his name.

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