Posted May 15th, 2020 by Suzy

This statement seems contradictory, but it is convenient to observe the weight of the same, only if you can distinguish whether it is correct or incorrect. Some critics say that philosophers tend to place God’s name in their philosophical presentations, so that scholars are more difficult to refute them. Thing that seems certain in some respects but very false in the majority of cases. Most of the philosophers by cultivating a so divine science as it is the case of philosophy tend to contemplate the truth that manifests the existence of God. Which I bear witness. This essay is written by a great philosopher, which not all thinkers approval, interested simply interested in the soul of the same. Approving this Treaty or not to approve it, will be open to whoever wants to read it and understand that only the wonders of God make the wise man. One morning I was reading the Scriptures, when suddenly I approached a woman and I said because you read the Bible, to case you belong to a religious group? What answer: I read the Bible because I wish to attain wisdom, and read books because I want to get to a good level of knowledge.

Which slightly confused and told me maybe you’re right. Look to answer your first question, that’s because I was reading the Bible, but does not reply to the second in which I created if he belonged to any religious group. Since no it deems convenient, since I do not belong to any religious group. When we say that man is an animal evolutionally formed by nature and not by God. Automatically undoes the spiritual spheres of being created by God. Reason why materialists speak prints that form the mechanical processes in the attitudes of men. Of which are erroneous interpretations that lead to devise some kind of soul in the individual, which is not affected by any spiritual force and if for a very complex machine called brain.

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