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Posted September 27th, 2020 by Suzy

PressRoom of EPRG supports ICT industry in PR work in Europe. Koblenz, September 16, 2009 – the European Public Relations Group (EPRG), a pan-European Association of PR agencies specialized in the information and communications technology (ICT), now offering the EPRG PressRoom, a portal to the intelligent and targeted distribution of press releases to European level. The sustainable simplification of the daily business of editors through Europe-wide unified search pattern is at the heart of the solution. Connected to a significant curbing unnecessary E-mail traffic between manufacturers, agencies and editors. Service offering consists of different levels with different levels of the EPRG PressRoom. On the first level, PR agencies publish the press information from customers on their agency PressRoom (example:). At the same time, the system allows also the facility of a press in the design of the customer. This is then linked within the website of that customer, otherwise but completely maintained by the Agency.

This procedure offered the press information professionally interested editor has been in two places (example) Button PressRoom). For the customer not own overhead there. Maintenance and hosting of data and the CMS system belong exclusively to the Agency. Intelligent distribution from the vendor to the technical editor is a message of European relevance, can be set in the Central European PressRoom ( This European PressRoom provides the interested editor therefore a comprehensive overview of the ICT sector in Europe. In addition, Europe relevant messages appear on the dashboards of European agencies of EPRG partners. A message is available for the editor now at four points. It is thus no longer, as in other portals or through other agencies, with the watering can on the country poured.

More effective day-to-day for editors editors benefit from an accessible system. This includes all relevant links all Downloads to a press release. Essential for the editor, however, is the easy-to-search, which is divided into two areas.

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