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For example, you can do a package of your e-book with a high search engine optimization service, this is a situation of win – win for both parties. 7. When you create a new product or service; Please send your subscribers a free copy or a membership limited. Get more background information with materials from Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. These users are the most propitious to buy an upgrade of your product or service, and of course comment it with acquaintances or friends. 8 You can have residual income from your customers for the sale of finished products. Center For Responsible Lending: the source for more info. If you do not have one, you can sign with different affiliate Web programs.

For example, you could say thank you for ordering our product. If you really want to learn more about web marketing, I seriously recommend affiliate products. 9. The majority of the people would like life to be simple and quick. Give your prospects simple instructions for ordering your products or services.

For example, you might say, our products come with simple step-by-step instructions. Also make sure that your web site is as easy to navigate for the user. 10 Rewards your customers for retroalimentarte your feedback for your products or services, these may be discontinued products, utilities software, information products, etc. For example, you might say, could retroalimentarnos with any comments about how we could improve our product or service and get a free e-book or software program. 11 Send follow-up emails or courses on anything from utility relating to your product or service. Include your information or advertisement in each email. The people will buy you more quickly when they see your ad repeatedly. For example, how many times you’ve bought something because you’ve seen on television or in a newspaper advertisement for a period of a few weeks? 12 Runs a contest for your customers or visitors, give away e-books, money, t-shirts, caps, whatever with your company logo. Anything that’s free love people, uses simple or short surveys so that they register and increasing your subscriber list. Also make sure you use the email to announce the winners and notify them of new competitions in the future. 13 Add forums or areas of messages to your site. This will give your visitors a way to become more active in your site. A section of articles is also one good idea and gives your customers reasons to return more continuously. 14 Creates an urgency in your products or offers, you need that potential buyers will purchase immediately. Tell your buyers that your offer is only available for one-time or limited time. You can always sell that product again through bonus packages or special prices. Additionally you can also put a limit of products on sale. 15 Converts your advertisement or announcement in an article on how to do this or that, people this type of reading like you more. Stories, stories and humorous essays love people, you use this on your site, in your advertising and marketing.

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