Domain Registration

Posted January 21st, 2012 by Suzy

For webmasters priority is to register domains. At the same time as a rule there is a goal to register a domain for a low price and without the risk of losing him. This is understandable, since the extension of the price of most registrars as generally equals the price of registration. And once paid is not reasonably high price for the domain that you continue to have to pay yearly renewal for this price. Therefore, you must very careful to choose registrar. Try to spend as much time searching for a suitable recorder – then it will pay off.

It is obvious that it is cheaper to pay for the registration of such domain ru – 90 rubles, rather than 500. With that and extension will cost the same amount. When searching for suitable prices domenyskoree all you ever do not just meet on the Internet offer similar to the following: "when you order hosting for one year free domain" or simply – free domains. There should not be freebies on this. As everyone is aware of the adage – a free lunch … That's right – where you would not want to be. The fact that it is the owner of the domain administrator, a man on whose name the domain is registered. In the case of domain ru – registration takes place exclusively on the passport data.

Most often, your hoster register a domain for yourself and give it to you just at the time, while you use it services. But how about if when you are no longer satisfied with the quality of the hosting or price you are going to change hosting. How to be a domain? You'll have to register a new domain and untwist it from scratch. In the best case Will allow you to buy a domain, but how much will it cost?. So obrazomluchshim option is an independent domain name registration. If you do not risk it once to lose control of the domain. You will be able to donate, sell, transferred to any hosting service, to do with it what you want. Before making a choice, think – what more important to you: a free domain for a year (as to prolong his still need you) or pay a symbolic price and remain rightful owner of the domain. Do not forget – svobodnyhdomenov every day fewer and fewer.

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