CTP Traffic

Posted March 2nd, 2021 by Suzy

1. Be sure to call the traffic police do not have to negotiate on the spot. The list of possible consequences ("raids", the charges of bribery of witnesses) may provide for yourself, not depending on who is to blame for the accident. 2. If you bought a CTP, you should be in the form "Notification of the insurance company about the accident." It must be filled. The usual procedure is that insurers go to the scene of the accident, only if there is a lot of damage or injury to life and health. This approach is not without foundation: disputes with the insurance in such cases are usually violent. Filed under: Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions. 3.

After the arrival of traffic police is drawing up documents: describe the circumstances of the accident, is interviewing witnesses, drawn sketch map crash. If found not guilty accident you – after filling the form 748 may count for compensation for compulsory motor TPL insurance. 4. If an accident does not blame you, to obtain the refund you'll need contact the insurance company your opponent, giving back the documents from the Traffic Police. In addition to this you need a certified copy of a passbook and certificate on form number 11 of the SAI.

Request for this certificate you must give insurers. Ibid Insurance Company (protocol) makes photos of cars of high quality. 5. In traffic police must obtain a certificate about the amount of damages received in an accident. 6. 6. Appraiser in the SAI is also through to payment. This document goes to insurers in three days. After that, if payment is not made within fifteen working days, it seems, insurance disputes have every reason to puff. 7. In this situation, you help out, free legal Advice provided by "Avtoadvokat." Our staff will review your circumstances and advise that it would be better to take in this situation. 8. Possible and this option, the insurance company is only partially pays you the amount you put the expert-evaluator of the traffic police. It does not hurt avtoadvokat to protect your interests in court. 9. The maximum exchange contact data with your opponent. In the process of drawing up papers to you, may be needed not just to see him. 10. If all these tips do not help you get compensation insurance – contact us – in the "Avtoadvokat", and your dispute with the insurance will work best in the direction of lawyers.

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