Chile Cascabel

Posted September 30th, 2013 by Suzy

I n g r d i n t s: 7 C h i l s C a s c a b 5 J i t o m a t S a l a d s t 1 D i n t d A j or 2 P a p a s m d i a n a s d C a r n d R s n f o r m a d C o r d i t l l o S a l a g u s t o C i t e l n c s a r i or this is a dish for 6 or 8 people. I learned this stew of my holy mother, and she in turn, learned it from my grandmother. My mom broke with tradition since the custom was to convey this news from mothers to daughters. So my mom learned because of her mom, my grandmother from her great-grandmother, my great-grandmother from her mother and so without knowing them say when started. Let me tell you that when I wanted to delight someone with a dish I have succeeded with this simple recipe. And indeed it is very simple, because it does not require time, is easy and has a great flavor.

Hotness depends for its taste, yes the cascabel chile not usually picoso. When the palate this accustomed to itch can add you a few chiles serranos. When it is made with Sun-dried chillies usually have a more red than chilli which dry to machine. Also various flavor a bit and in my humble opinion the sun-drying has a better flavor. Now put to cook chiles cascabel with tomatoes and potatoes, once they are cooked grind tomatoes without skin and chiles cascabel descabados and seeds along with garlic clove, put enough water where we got to cook everything and salt to taste. The potatoes depart it into rectangles and put the meat to fry. Already when the meat this point add you potatoes and sauce.

We leave about five minutes. You start to perceive an exquisite scent and ready. You can accompany it with a few Peruvians or black frijos and some tortillas.

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