Cheque To The An Orphanage,

Posted November 7th, 2017 by Suzy

PFALZKOM MANET donates 3 x 1.000.-EUR to charities in the region together with customers. -An orphanage, House Mirabelle (Ladenburg) – forest pirates e.V. (Heidelberg) – Kinderschutzbund Landau (Landau) in 2008 has the PFALZKOM MANET titled she wishes we donations! launched a charity campaign in life and their customer calls on Christmas, to make suggestions for charities. This year three actions with each 1.000.-EUR were taken into account. As a regional company, is of course the local character in the foreground. “It is also a major concern, the telecommunications provider that an interaction” with the customer takes place.

Many donation proposals relate to rather small and not-so-famous actions coming together in this way. Often here lack the awareness and consequently also the financial resources are very low. Just the personal commitment of the often volunteers makes it possible at all the small, but important Projects, to press. Also this time choosing from the many suggestions made was not easy. Of course, the company has respected that the donations to come directly to the needy and not be used in part for administrative costs. There are numerous facilities that do many good in our region. In particular the smaller local projects are often not as well known and have a particularly hard time hearing to find.”says Uwe Burre, Managing Director commercial area. Right here, we want to apply, and have asked for such local projects for our customers.

For three proposals, we have donated EUR 1.000.-.”added Jurgen Beyer, Managing Director technical area. “On 13th December 2010 1.000.-was presented at the following facilities: an orphanage, House Mirabelle” (Ladenburg) the special education children’s home of AWO district Baden Association is a recognised institution of youth welfare and is counting on the edge of the approximately 12,000 inhabitants City Ladenburg between Mannheim, Heidelberg and Weinheim. In the home, up to 21 children and young people from difficult situations find a replacement home on time. Various educational staff accompany the children and young people through everyday life. The principle to promote the physical and psychological development of boys and girls and to protect applies to the professional and educational work. An atmosphere should be offered the children and young people, which makes it possible to work on the difficulties and problems, that have led to the stay in the facility. While attention is paid to a close and intensive cooperative partnership with the family of the child. A small unit offered the opportunity to try out an independent life under the guidance of teaching adolescents and young adults. In a shared apartment on the grounds of the children’s home, they can collect practical experiences. Independently and autonomously make young people here everyday, run your own household, learn the economies with the means available and the requirements of their professional life. Our goal is in a therapeutic milieu the children and adolescents to self-confident life-affirming people to educate.”so Angelika Schell, head of the institution. The House of Mirabelle”is a proposal of Calvatis GmbH from Ladenburg.

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