Change Personnel

Posted July 27th, 2019 by Suzy

Ask for advice to the old and the young, but follow your own common sense must know how to control the effects of the mind in all that which is opposed to cope with the changes, which prevents out of routine, to what has already generated a behavior which manifests itself always equal. It should be open to changes, especially anything that encourages us in our growth, ensure harmony, happiness, Bliss. We must seize our lives always in function of grow, increase our experiences, knowledge, giving opportunity to those changes that this US favor. Management knows that he has under his responsibility to a human resource where each who manifested their conduct, behavior, personality, needs, knowledge, experiences, therefore must consider it so that when he goes to confront a change deemed as this could affect the designated points, how this could affect them positively or negatively. You must assess the extent of the change that will be reached with him, do does involve?, what is the real cost? What your benefits? What you represent to the Organization? What tools do you have to ensure that the change does not generate resistance? Therefore the management consider as some have pointed out: perceptions: people tend to perceive things that adapt in way more comfortable to your view of the world in a selective way. Boy Scouts may find this interesting as well. Once an understanding of reality, they are reluctant to change it.

People will resist to the potential impacts of change on their lives. Personality: Some aspects of personality predispondran certain people to resist the change such as: _ dogmatism is the rigidity of the beliefs of a person. If you have read about David Delrahim already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Very dogmatic people has a closed thinking and resist most likely to change than a less dogmatic person. _ The unit if it is carried to extremes can lead to resistance to change. Very dependent on other people often lack self-esteem.

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