Benefit For Homeless Children In Japan

Posted November 6th, 2017 by Suzy

Many artists of the Berlin musical and sports scene is participating in an event for a good cause. Benefizconcert in the football stadium of the Spandau of Bulldogs rarely succeeded, that a small group of musicians were a gigantic Benefizconcert on the legs. Petty Behlinda was worried about the children in the vicinity of Fukushima, who lost their home and their toys, even her parents after the tsunami. Water is scarce and food becomes available regarding areas of sparse. The affiliates do not report this Ereigbnis, it has no ester effect. The audience in the living room sitting with chip and beer armed front of the TV and hope that they are pretty well entertained. The Medeien make cash right. For days the crying faces are presented the audience as cinema of people, standing before the wreckage of their world.

Ebend still in the well-guarded crib, Teddy hugs his parents slept, and an hour later lost and in a camp train meadows. The Teddy’s gone, the tsunami swept away by the floods. The Power is gone and the water is scarce, it is contaminated by the real gate disaster. Loud voices in the German population are that the Japanese would be guilt because they built their nuclear power plants to the sea. The question of guilt weighed even small children. Petty Behlinda was this situation by Mark and leg.

He initiated a Charity Gala with his friends on Facebook. Only that these friends in truth played a large part in his real life. The intolerable conditions and fainting, resulting, no description required for an artist. Great artists were ready to help, to contribute immediately. Adele – g – and Heinz Huth, Nina Ohrt, Yahna Queen, immediately pledged brother mad, Axel Zabel, and many others. Breweries and furniture stores promised that no longer even having 10 euro or an asset available, because they donate at UNICEF enough already.

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