Baby Naming Ceremonies

Posted July 15th, 2020 by Suzy

When parents born baby, in front of them ceases to a simple question. How to name your baby? Parents, of course, we should recall the words of John Chrysostom that 'the name that parents give their child is salvation for them which are called the adornments of kinship, comfort in the love '. Indeed, in Orthodoxy, the name given in honor of the saint, who cares for and praying for us before God. Now as before, in Russia the priest anoint the child named in honor of the saint, which falls on the day of baptism or birthday. Also anoint the baby in honor of the saint on the calendar, memory, which falls on the eighth day after birth. Parents may choose child named in honor of saint, particularly revered in their family, even if the saint feast day does not have a birthday or christening day. Therefore, the first birthday – a day of memory of the saint, in whose honor we were called. In the name day we go to church, partake of, and we thank God and his saint.

Only then we lay the table, invite godparents, close friends, accept congratulations and Orthodox gifts. The name of Alexander, translated from Greek – "protector of people." All the revered saint in Russia with the name of Alexander – it's Alexander Nevsky. He was born May 30, 1220 in Pereyaslavl-Zalessk. Still quite Maltz in 1225 adopted Alexander princely ceremony vows and dedication to the soldiers. All were surprised, as a child, who is only five years, not a child vowed to defend their homeland and God-fearing kissed the cross.

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