United States Administration

Posted July 9th, 2013 by Suzy

If only military vehicles that United States has deployed in Iraq are aligned in a column, with its bumper in contact, they would occupy the space between Madrid and Warsaw; If they parade in column to about 50 km/h, with the required intervals, it would take two months and means to see them pass everyone. An expert in logistics of air force of United States gave some comparative data to assess that in technical terms is called the logistics tail inherent in any military operation, i.e., what is behind each fighter so that it can operate in The Washington Times. In Iraq, by every soldier in the combat line exist few soldiers in what might be called rearguard (services, ordnance, maintenance of equipment and material, communications, health, administration, etc.). But there are also several military bases, of enormous dimensions, which contain real cities, with its supermarkets, gyms, fast food shops, traffic lights that They regulate traffic, power stations, offices of correos, golf and tennis fields, restaurants of all kinds. They also include bases aerial, with its airport, aircraft maintenance and repair services, central electric, hydraulic plants, hospitals, or residences for military of different categories. This Admiral had him in mind Mullen, President of the Junta of Heads of State most of United States, when in a press conference at the Pentagon declared to withdraw all the forces in Iraq would take two or three years. Specified: We now have 150,000 troops in Iraq.

Many bases. Much material there displayed. He said, moreover, that any withdrawal operation would be conditioned by the level of security in each zone, adding that, for the moment, this is not possible in Baghdad or Mosul, where a change of responsibilities between United States forces and the army Iraqi would entail very serious difficulties. ES very significant, too, his position taken regarding the new United States Administration: President-elect Obama, has already said that he sought my advice and that of the Joint Chiefs of staff, before taking any decision.

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