The Substance And The Antimatter

Posted July 21st, 2013 by Suzy

So far the astrophysics offer three theories on the origin of the Universe. The main one of them is the theory of Big-Bang. All the theory of the Astrophysics that refer to the origin of the Universe, starts from the gaseous state of the primitive substance. However, the substance passed for millions of evolutivas phases and will continue if evolving. Intelligence tamb if evoui had the transformation of the substance, being that intelligence is superior the all type of substance below of the conscience level. It is learned in the lessons of organic Chemistry that the substance possesss three states that we call basic states where if it finds the substance properly said: solid, I eliminate and gaseous.

Between the state and the solid we have then the pastoso state and between the liquid and the gaseous one the vaporous state predominates. E, finally, exists others two called states of the substance of: plsmico and etreo. The plsmico state of the substance would be the zones of the space which predominate the highest temperatures of the order of the one hundred million degrees centigrade. However it leads to believe that the substance completely is differentiated, had the raised temperatures. The etrico state predominates ether with subtle agent, is a conductor who occupies the spaces intermoleculares. ' ' Ether interpenetra all the states of matria.' ' The physics admits then the existence of a certain antimatter, of which we cannot conceive antitime, being that all prodo of ' ' normal time discourses one antitempo' '. Being thus, it would not have more past, gift and future that are time states.

At last, the substance occupies place in the space, for the fact to have hundreds of galaxies. They will go to changed themselves while the substance to exist and also to evolve. The substance is energy in potential state and energy is substance in radiating state, according to concept of Einstein. Then if the substance is energy and the energy must evolve constantly, deduces that it is perpetual and the energy cannot die, however it is changedded.

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