Team McLaren Jenson Button

Posted May 14th, 2019 by Suzy

He considers McLaren ready to fight again for the victory. He says that she loves to race in Spa, despite their recent dropouts there. The great prize of Belgium played the next weekend (26-28). d all about the problem. The pilot of the Team McLaren Jenson Button has pointed out that the aim of his team for the great prize of Belgium played the next weekend at the Spa circuit, will be pressing the leaders of the Championship, Red Bull in particular. Once again, our objective will be to put pressure on the leaders of the Championship, Red Bull in particular. Definitely, I feel our car really fit to drive, so I do not think that this weekend the selection of tyres affect us too. After the Valencia race, we learned a lot about the Pirelli of middle class and I think we have improved a little since then, pointed out.

On the circuit where will be held the twelfth Grand Prix of the season, the pilot acknowledged that she loves the Spa race. Unfortunately, I haven’t had too much luck and I had to abandon the two recent major awards from Belgium, and not my fault. This year I hope to have a little more luck, says confident Button. The McLaren driver believes that the climatic conditions of the circuit of Spa and Hungaroring are similar. In Hungary was Jenson Button, who won the final victory, by what is shown confident that on this occasion same will happen. It will be important to take into account the Spa race, because that will probably be wet and dry to alternate moments during the weekend, he valued. Finally, the British also referred to the DRS. I do not think that the DRS may be more decisive here that in other circuits.

Still I am not sure where you are going to implement, but there are always many opportunities to use it in the hill that goes from Eau Rouge to Les Combes. It will be interesting to see if the DRS adds more excitement to the show. I hope you live another great weekend of Formula 1 concluded the pilot.

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