Robert Zach

Posted September 30th, 2020 by Suzy

Then, the unused part of the human brain will be unlocked. All-the-what is”developed by our body as a smart concept of consciousness, everything is what it takes for the perfect people, when parts of the brain are not used then only because they are not yet required. Progressive expansion of consciousness enables the sequential modules to the organic system which his expanded consciousness to adapt. Who understands the TV set and the stream has to understand the universe and God, it’s so easy, if you just leave out a personal God. All-in the what is”as impersonal power is the source of consciousness machine TV set”, without the power of the TV could produce no illusionary images, it is only by means of electricity, the life energy of the illusionary machine of consciousness – TV device (receiver). So says Jesus logical: without the father (power = life energy) I could do nothing without life energy anything goes. If we humans have physical problems we go to the doctor, the doctor has a brain that makes him intelligent, but the blueprint for the human body is missing the doctor, because he has not created the body and consciousness behind it.

Mind created the body, we could understand the body in its complexity, but is not. If we have a defective car we give it to a workshop of our made in security that can repair the car, have it planned and built. We get a defective body to a doctor in the hope of help, only he has not planned the body and also not created, he can offer only an alleged aid, because the mind does not understand how something works created that awareness. Robert Zach, describes what proves Peter Russell, that we are now in a paradigm shift, the everything in Question, what we have so far held for elementary truth.

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