President Dirk Gerdom

Posted October 8th, 2020 by Suzy

Thus, the hospitality industry responds to increased environmental awareness in the company. Its customers and policymakers have realized how important is a rational use of resources and emissions. Companies with unique position to sustainability and corporate social responsibility develop values, have a stronger demand and better position itself. Meanwhile, status symbols lose value and soft sustainable mobility solutions. Travel by public transport, car sharing and E-mobility will be socially acceptable. “We see this development as an association with the introduction of a new certificate for sustainably-run hotels, the Certified Green Hotel. And the emissions trading, 2012 comes into force for airlines, will continue to deal.

The sustainability debate we must not forget however, that occupational mobility must remain affordable. See more detailed opinions by reading what Center for Responsible Business offers on the topic.. Therefore we demand the abolition of the air traffic control, If the carbon trading 2012 prevails.” The air traffic control is an example of how the direct influence the daily mobility hindered by political decisions and regional laws. In addition come oligopolies and cartel-like structures arising from globalization. The “bed tax”, the tax treatment of hotel breakfast or the industry rules (“code of conduct”) for global distribution systems are results of political unilateralism. “The policy required support in the increasingly complex world the opportunities right to see and appreciate”, so scenario coach of Ludger BALS. By early lobbying companies and associations can provide policymakers with expertise and actively interact with markets. While it is also on the close cooperation of various organizations. VDR President Dirk Gerdom ‘Networking the world needs the networking of organisations’, it puts in a nutshell.

“Change is the only constant – this ancient wisdom confirms again”, so Gerdom. “The VDR is ready to convert and to respond to the new challenges, compete effectively and flexibly. The VDR trend shows that the structure and the interdisciplinarity of the VDR is the right way. It comes already long not only to support the negotiations between travel managers and providers. The item field has become sector – and theme across. Actually doesn’t exist the business travel industry we move in all industries, and our theme is business mobility.” At the autumn Conference for business travel management on 10 and 11 November 2011 in food, VDR will present the results of the VDR trend sport. More information about the Conference: vdr-herbsttagung2011/index2.php. More information:. Company Description Association of German travel management e.V. (VDR) of the Association of German travel management e.V. (VDR) represents the interests of German companies on the topic of business travel management. He is committed to efficient, economic, safe, unhindered, global travel opportunities for businesses. With its over 500 member companies, it stands for a total turnover in the business area of more than ten billion euros.

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