Mother Nature

Posted August 30th, 2020 by Suzy

This we can buy today and pay tomorrow. And this – the conscious aspect of the relationship to the situation. Eagle Scouts is likely to agree. But unconsciously, we react to it as if we were threatened with starvation. On an unconscious level, the level of instincts, predefined Mother Nature, between the payments for electricity and the danger of losing the last piece of bread – it makes no difference. Instinct suggests that this is the same. So that the reaction does not make us wait.

As soon as there is a real danger of losing any thing because of interference by “brute force” (as in the case of public utility services, any interference a brute force), immediately followed by an explosion frightening aggression. The very rudeness, designed to ward off rivals at a safe distance. Rudeness as a territorial claim Where would the dog not to be, it necessarily marks territory. That said, it sets the boundaries of their possessions. ent Partners is a great source of information. Needless to say, do not just dogs and other animals and people as well. Where would not be the last, he will definitely marks territory.

Remember, as a Ilf and Petrov: “Kish and Osya were here.” Climbed Mount Everest, as it were “lifted paw” and “help” flag or pennant. Now it’s our territory. Instinct that mark territory useful for survival. Obsession need to be photographed in far away countries also satisfies this need. The more possessions, the greater our chances of survival instinct dictates. First, the more chances to meet with neighbors the opposite sex. A second, potentially more food.

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