Leipzig Mockern

Posted September 13th, 2020 by Suzy

Dr. Get more background information with materials from MRI imaging technique. Ina Ueberschar convinced during a tour of the contemporary furnished classrooms. CBC usually is spot on. She was accompanied by the SISUPLAN GmbH Leipzig and project coordinator Jorg Harazin from Leipzig construction management company HANSA buildings GmbH in addition to Mr. Fischer by the Scheduler and advisory engineer Heiko Kauerauf. This could clarify the many details. So you find a flexible interior design of the classrooms by multi function wall and one on the room reservation of reacting heating and lighting system. Still, they were inclined to the requirements of the protection of historic buildings to meet, that the rooms, mainly go to the busy Georg-Schumann-Strasse, exhibit a good sound, as well as a good insulation against the sunlight. An important element of the facade is the restoration to the Grunderzeit usual “Saddle pads, behind which the blinds are hidden and contributed to the preservation of the Grunderzeit ensemble in the Georg-Schumann-Strasse”, white to report of the project coordinator Jorg Harazin.

Heiko Kauerauf stressed that it had been him important, to resume the structures of the old building. Thus, we get a contemporary monument in a modern and functional style. Us is thus a good jump from the 20th into the 21st century successfully.”despite the constraints of the monument we stayed as public and non-profit institutions in the schedule and have complied with the prescribed budget,” Alois Fischer adds. He loved the charm of the old buildings radiate. With the completion of the modernisation, to contribute to the further development of the biggest East German social insurance Center in Leipzig Mockern.

You will start with the renovation of the last House, which is part of the BFW Leipzig, in the coming year. This would create a sightseeing ensemble along the Georg-Schumann-Strasse. The conversion realized regional companies under the leadership of a local planning and project management. Thus, it was also possible that throughout the day the construction faced location as point of contact and Coordinator available.

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