Karol Sedkowski

Posted September 9th, 2020 by Suzy

After celebrated the insurance contract, exclusively to offer the advising to them independent, professional and impartial to that this Law talks about or to the aims anticipated in its article 26.3. Therefore, for the use and treatment of the data for any other purpose different from the settled down ones in the two previous letters, the insurance agents will have to count on the unequivocal consent of the interested ones. Solved the contract of insurance in whose mediation an insurance agent or a runner of reinsurance would have taken part, this one will have to come to the cancellation of the data. , The insurance agent or reinsurance will not really be able to facilitate the data of the interested one to another organization different from that one with which the interested one had celebrated the resolute contract if its unequivocal consent does not mediate. It is much more evident that either it cannot, without the consent of the interested one to allow the freedom to contract a new policy to him with another insurer, although this could suppose a benefit for the interested one. In order to be able to contract to a new insurance policy or any other product of securing it is essential express mandate of the interested one to the brokerage of insurances. Consequently if an insurance agent, once solved the contract between the insured and the insuring company, would want to maintain the data of the insured to destine them to another purpose and, in particular, to use them in the celebration of a new contract with another insuring company, he would have first to inform to the interested one on the securing product and soon to successfully obtain his unequivocal consent. Also, this one has been the position adopted by the Spanish Agency of Protection of Data in relation to personal data processings realised by the brokerages of insurances or reinsurance and that so much in its legal information as in its sanctioning resolutions has expressed.

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