Inner Awareness

Posted September 1st, 2020 by Suzy

(Eg look at his hands, in a dream they can be quite different from the reality in your hands). Nobody can do it for you. You have to remind myself recognize the signs of sleep. Since a person uses in his sleep all the same prospective memory, which he uses in reality, you can train it in everyday reality. Become an expert in finding prospective signals in ordinary reality and become an expert in detecting signs of sleep.

For this purpose, the same prefrontal part of the cortex, so improved in reality, you become more experienced in the world of dreams. Link to the 7-e video in YouTube Tim talks about methods of reality testing. Tells how to use reality checks wristwatch. Tells the story of four categories of characteristics of dreams. Ways to train prospective memory 1. Has set itself several signals (events) that may well happen within the next day (Preferably, this was a sign dreamed before sleep, which may well happen in reality!) 2.

Me these signals, based on four categories: – Action – Form – Circumstances – Internal awareness Examples: Action: Someone opens the door, turns on the TV and when you hear your name, etc. Format: every time you see a bird, a close friend, something ugly, etc. Circumstances: you are at a party, you giving up the exam, you're a soldier or warrior, etc. Inner Awareness: mostly a variety of emotions, thoughts that come to mind. For example: why are you laughing at something, you feel anger, you are somewhat disappointed in your irrational fear, etc.

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