Flat Tax

Posted January 8th, 2021 by Suzy

With the aim to optimise their customer service to the top issue “Flat tax”, the Cooperative Bank of Unterallgau, Mindelheim, has decided akwiso.finanz for the use of Internet-based contact management. Dietmannsried, January 14, 2008: Now 50 customer service representative of the southern financial institution for customer support on the contact database from akwiso to access. In addition, also integrated advertising portal, they have access to all advertising existing on the subject of “Withholding tax” and brochures. Individual writing can be created just as quickly directly from the system such as form letters. So are account managers capable of fast and friendly service to respond to the wishes of the attractive target group good earner and maintain a continuous contact. In a second step, the expansion on all 180 customer service representative of the regional bank network is provided. The countdown has begun! On 01.01.2009, the withholding tax is introduced. Check with HAAS to learn more. Finally, all investment income with a flat-rate tax of 25% be plus Solidarity tax and church tax subject to taxation (approx.

28%). This is positive especially for people who currently have a personal income tax rate by over 28%, because these will less taxes to pay. As usual has the legislature incorporated but also falling, to get around it is to get into the “pleasure” of the new regime. The flat tax offers a superb occasion with their customers in the attractive target group good earners to seek talk individually to advise or to attract new customers with this in mind, to make them aware on the new legislation for banks and financial institutions. akwiso.Finanz special solution for greater flexibility and efficiency in customer service with akwiso.finanz the company offers akwiso banks and financial institutions a powerful instrument, to provide their sales teams with this necessary data and information and thus facilitate the contact and care. Through the Web-based user interface, he receives from akwiso.finanz A bank customer consultant the opportunity to see the contact information of its customers access to, or to access the entire customer file each time.

Only the contact data will be transferred in the system, sensitive data such as account balances and assets remain in the internal bank system. More information about akwiso.finanz, see the Internet under withholding tax on akwiso: akwiso was in a more than two-year development period by a group of sales and marketing professionals and in practice since 2005. Aim was to develop a user-friendly, effective and powerful Kontaktverwaltungs tool for marketing and sales. This, it seemed to choose the Internet as a platform and to offer the solution not as installable license solution, but as an Internet-based online service, which can be rented as needed. Meanwhile, nearly 200 companies from different industries use akwiso – and there are more every day. Focus on the use of akwiso are: sales management, execution and control of marketing campaigns Postqualifying fair contacts in call center and marketing services provider akwiso as a base platform for its customers. For more information see contact person for the press: Heike kareng H.K.P CONSULTING GMBH of Furstenrieder road 279a 81377 Munich Tel. + 49 (0) 89 3700-2800 fax. + 49 (0) 89 3700-2801 e-mail:

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