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Posted January 30th, 2021 by Suzy

Such donations are perfectly legal and were you as required by law. Therefore, it is also known that a single solar company so far 75,000 euro with the personal purpose ULI Kelber 2009 Bundestag election campaign “has donated. I would not accept personal donations of this size in my understanding of the independence of the members, and am therefore committed to an upper limit for such donations from 5000.-euros. I do not accept donations from companies or individuals who added their economic interests could immediately be brought with my work as a Deputy in connection. So far, the highest personal individual donation for my election campaign is 2000.-euros. I am convinced, the citizens have not only a law on transparency of party funding, but also disclosure of campaign financing direct candidates. This applies all the more as we receive no State reimbursement of election campaign expenses for our local election campaigns and that is why all donations must finance. I add you a detailed overview of my campaign budget for the election in the electoral district of Bonn therefore.

It is desirable that you establish the same transparency for your campaign budget, which citizens compared to give your own image. I will provide tomorrow this writing the media system. Sincerely Dr Stephan Eisel, MdB campaign budget Bundestag election 2009 by Dr Stephan Eisel, MdB (stand: September 16, 2009) revenue: 66.698,55 euro campaign subsidy of the Bonn CDU District Association of the member contributions of over 3000 Bonn CDU members: 31,000.-contribution of the candidate: 3.000.-total of personal donations: 32.698,55 euro, of which: 187 donations up to 100 euro 23 donations between 100 and 200 Euro 5 donations between 200 and 300 Euro 1 donations of 300 euros-8 donations of 500 Euro 4 donations by 1000 Euro 2 donations from 1500 euro 2 donations from 2000 euro expenditure: 68.100 euro posters (production, Hanging, disposal): 21.000 euro newspaper ads: 9,100 euro events including Merkel and Guttenberg: 11,500 euro candidate brochure, flyers, etc.: 4,500 euro small advertising media such as balloons, pens, etc.: 7,000 euro agency expenses: 12,000 euros other: 3,000 euros (each update on the Internet at) press contact: Dr. Stephan Eisel, MdB – constituency office market 10-12 53111 federal city of Bonn Tel: 0228-1849 98 32 fax: 0228-1849 98 34 Stephan Eisel, MdB very well: Member of the Board of Trustees of the Center for advanced European studies and research (CAESAR) – member of the German Bundestag elected in the Board of Trustees of the Deutsches Historisches Museum (DHM) – the Federal Government named member of the Board of Trustees of the European network “Remembrance and solidarity” – by the Federal President on a proposal from the Federal Government appointed Deputy for Bonn in the Bundestag Dr Stephan Eisel, Member of the German Bundestag – elected by the Bundestag. Member of the Board of Trustees of Jewish Museum Berlin

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