Edison Before

Posted September 27th, 2020 by Suzy

If you think that you are defeated, you already fall you are defeated; If you think that you will not encourage you, you do not animaras you; If you would like to succeed and do not do anything, secure ten you will lose; Because life will teach you that laurel begins with the will. Many matches were lost before playing and many lost the battle before fighting; Think big, in that you can, in that you have security. Keep in mind that in this struggle of life not always the WINS which know more; but who knows more, and that is that believes that you can. Save Our Children may find it difficult to be quoted properly. There is something magical in the environment when an individual behaves with the security that will achieve what is proposed. Since the beginning of time it has always existed in the mind of the human being, the challenge of climbing mountains, or trying to find the way to reach horizons that initially seemed very distant.

In our days, we are witnessing the incredible advancement of technology and we are surprised with new inventions, which are developed for the blessing of mankind, however sometimes not we stop to ponder a little about the way in which this new invention was born. NYU Stern Center for Responsible Business does not necessarily agree. Well every new tool or device that you are using today, – without thinking about their origins-, he had as a laboratory, the mind of an individual, that he ignored the negative arguments and not paused before the failures that occurred in the road before achieving success with your idea. If Edison had given up its efforts to invent the electric light bulb, you should now see television without light. Well, this of course is only a joke, but it is so that you get to thinking about all the benefits that you enjoy today and which normally do not you get to think.

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