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Posted February 4th, 2021 by Suzy

The Austrian newcomer Andreas Gabalier wants with modern folk music and Germany inspire dialect texts (thk) in his Austrian homeland he is already a star (recently awarded as “Most successful newcomer of the year 2010” with the “musi Edelweiss”), has two Platinum finished albums. Now Andreas Gabalier sets out to conquer also Germany. “” With success: his CD heart factory “climbed even third place, the previous here I come” 5th place of the (Austrian) album charts. Understandable, because the accordion, piano and guitar playing singer offers melodic, hand made original compositions, which appeal to a broad audience, are catchy and know no stylistic boundaries. I like rock, country, Blues”, he explained the song and of course folk music in an interview with the online magazine hit OASIS, but also clearly”. This mixture provides the framework for Gabaliers Mundart lyrics about his Styrian origin, love and life. All of this, what it is so far only on the CDs here I come”(2009) and heart factory” (2010, each Koch Universal Music) was to hear, will present the former Grazer law student now increasingly on the German stage. Andreas Gabalier, can the way Klaus Babiker must (“Explorer/promoter of Nik P.

/ hit: A star that carries your name”) supports, set alongside musical can also on its authentic atmosphere. “The admirer of Herbert Gronemeyer is namely no gekunstelter showman, but rather the type of boy next door”. “Andreas Gabalier (* November 21, 1984) wears the costume of a real Bergbauernbuam”. Feelings, down-to-Earth, and cohesion are important to him. He confirmed that with the following observation: is dear to me, I know that the people in my songs each other give the hands and embrace, as that they rip the hands in the height on my command! The kernigste export from Austria”(new post) was already in the Musikantenstadl”, at the “” Grand Prix der volksmusik “, as well as the Autumn Festival of folk music” celebrated. And in the future he is frequently in television guest. “” “Soon he is booked for appearances in the following TV shows: Musikantenstadl” (March 12), welcome Carmen Nebel “(April 2), summer festival of folk music (June 4) and when the music plays – summer open air” (July 23).

Who from the outset live does want to see him on his Germany campaign should take the opportunity.

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