Posted February 4th, 2021 by Suzy

The decision to design even fashion this resulted at some point. For about 1.5 years, she worked with other artists in a Studio in Berlin. United Way Worldwide: the source for more info. In an Association of multiple screen printers and artists within the Czentrifuga, and she printed their materials themselves. Today she sells her fashion markets, small shops in Berlin and on the Internet. u0085But what does it work? My art means to me expression of what moves us, what we consider important to mention it is a means of communication like a language. At the beginning has to be Nora Fritz intoxicated by their ideas designed and sewn – just behind each other away one after another. Now it is a concern, classified every fashion spread in a theme, which runs like a thread through the collection and their fashion is expressive and idiosyncratic.

But where does this strength? How to pull your inspiration? The is looking for her collections in Berlin and searching them in everyday life. You deals with issues and collects anything to her feet. You looks around, interviewed and questioned their environment, is inspired by music. This caused the ideas for new collections. Nora wants to communicate about their fashion, work on issues you wish to address – it a little shake.

Fashion is a way to communicate, in a fast paced time in life to us pass rushes for the young artist. And grade we we move in fixed structured pathways, which appear certain to us succumb every day anew. But fashion is often align – the collections by Nora Fritz but are mehrlinig and colorful. It comes to Stylize people. The edges of the plates go beyond, to bring something to the expression. Immensity means to go beyond its borders. Angular and edgy not around ground, provoke ideas as issue – the environment. If something can not go, not go may, aim for the point and ask things implemented.

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