Ahmadinejad More Happy

Posted September 4th, 2020 by Suzy

The neighborhood is visceral, violent and volatile. Sensible and reliable, Mubarak, soldier and statesman from Word, kept stable for 30 years the peace with Israel, irritating to the majority of their co-religionists Muslim extremists. At the moment, revolutionary orgasm that travels the world progressive by having overthrown a friend President of the West still brighten half of the planet. No halfway thinking. The happiest two are Barack Obama and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. BO came to defend the uprising just started, stressing that it is the revolution of the people who took to the streets; what the human rights of the Egyptians. The people were 200,000 rioters in a city of 6.75 million.

Egypt has 80 million inhabitants, which means that the street vandals were 0.25% of the country’s population. Whereas the same proportion, Obama He had had resigned from his post over one year ago, because the major demonstrations against her amounted to more people. Any demonstration of more than 750,000 people in the United States, equivalent to more than 0.25% of the U.S. population. Of these there were several. Million in June 2009 when the people went to the streets of Tehran and other Iranian cities, protesting against electoral fraud of the ayatollahs that ratified Ahmadinejad in power, were the protesters. The Iranian Government cracked down forcefully, cut transmissions of internet, mobile phones and other media. It also allowed access to the international press.

Barack Obama then not opened the peak and when he was questioned, said that Iran is a sovereign country, that United States cannot comment or interfere in its internal affairs. Against the events in Cairo, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad congratulated the revolutionaries and welcomed a new Middle East without interference from the Zionist regime and the United States. Why do? Does Barack Obama share the same happiness that the largest of the United States enemy? Why he supported the revolt against Hosni Mubarak, Washington’s main Arab ally, but came out in defense of the Iranian people in 2009 that is oppressed by the most repressive regime in the Middle? The response is out of sight of everyone, but nobody dares to release it with the exception of Glenn Beck. Barack Obama rather than anything else is a Muslim, even for the Muslim is an apostate because he renounced Islam day who married in a church. In Islam, the apostate is below the infidel and deserves the death penalty. The infidel, because of ignorance of the true religion has the option of corrected and embrace Islam. Up is allowed to live, provided that you accept Sharia law. Obama and Ahmadinejad are happy because the only group organized in Egypt to take power, after a transition period that will last a minimum of six months, is the Muslim Brotherhood. His creed is: -Allah is our objective. -The Prophet is our leader. -The Qur’an is our law – the Jihad is our path. -Die for Allah is our greatest wish. According to Obama, the Muslim Brotherhood are moderate and are only 20% to 30% of the population. Whereas would be a parliamentary regime which would be imposed on Egypt if everything follows the course encouraged by Mr. Obama with 20 percent of the vote is accessible to power. It is what happened in Lebanon and today Hizbala controls the Government.

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