The largest Personensuchmaschine supports the Association ‘ seeking help for victims of East Germany forced adoptions e.V. in bringing together torn families and the whole world with Vienna, November 24, 2010. Their number is estimated at tens of thousands, little is known about their fate. Alleged traces are lost in the thicket of a former communist power regime: politically motivated child withdrawal were in East Germany a popular method to make silence unpleasant opponents of the regime. Often, the children without the consent of parents to the adoption in new, fundamentalist families were released. Many children or parents is missing until today, every track. With the help of 123people, one of the largest with more than 40 million unique clients per month Personensuchmaschinen of the world, already families could be merged in the past.

123people now actively supports the German Association “Aid for victims of East Germany forced adoptions e.V.” with an own campaign, in which each name search can help the victims. Founded in 2007, self help Association “help for victims of East Germany forced adoptionen e.V.” (Short name = OvZ DDR e.V.) is committed to the task, by forced adoptions in the Communist era reunite broken families or to clarify the whereabouts of the children or parents. We are the first point of contact for the victims and then assemble puzzle piece to puzzle piece to a most complete picture. Often, we are completely in the dark, have only a name or place of birth. Also you can never know whether the child today is not a completely different name”, tells Karin Behr, Managing Director of OvZ DDR e.V., from their daily work. So happened Behr, who forcibly adopted even in a strange family as a child and after 19 years saw again her real mother, during her research on the Personensuchservice of 123people: at the beginning of my volunteering, I have researched much on the Internet.

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