Zefa Sergeant

Posted November 25th, 2012 by Suzy

I am only curious which I go to be its attitude when the sergeant to catch the phone. I want to give they pleasure to discover through the proper reasoning who to it was that it for more than walked haunting the city one year. After the speech, it delivered the phone for the sergeant and completed: Please, sergeant, sees it obtains if you to pull out some thing of this young man, therefore so far it has only made to fungar in the telephone. Or very he is gripado, or with much anger, or much fear. The sergeant placed the phone in the ear, listened to a little and disconnect. _ The man passed this time all, as you said, fungando in the telephone and disconnect without saying one alone word. It will be this really confession? _ Therefore, I did not say the name of it.

The lawyers call adobe in the wall. If he will be guilty, he can take most diverse by the attitudes, also to process me or to take off to want me of circulation, only pra if to avenge, but I go to leave a writing, in the case to happen to me some thing. If it will be innocent, the maximum that will be able to make will be to count to my father and to its Alfonso what I made, but knows that take off they me of the cake. The night is enough that had passed, pra to feel that any resource is valid pra to lock up a career of crimes. Well, now I go in house to take a bath, to make the beard and to take a gostoso coffee made for the Zefa owner. During the day, we go to save the staff and to leave them to sleep the time that to want, pra of night to catch in the jamb. We go to escort my father and its Alfonso pra to prevent ackward surprises and to recommend that they do not leave alone. Pacific as are, never do not go in opposing our recommendations. Meanwhile, we use to advantage pra to take off a nap. Please, it recommends to the soldiers pra not to be alone.

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