Wounded Soldiers

Posted November 7th, 2012 by Suzy

Currently I come thinking on the love that Christian we nourish for the souls. When a person not yet knows the Jesus, that is, she accepted not yet it as its rescuer has a tolerance stops with the errors of this person, but when he is about a Christian who shares of the same saving favour and this Christian suffered a fall or a slip in walked its we are implacable in judging. I observe that the love stops with the wounded soldier is minor who stops with just converted. Then I make the following question: why? If the love of God is unconditional and it does not have meaning of people. Many times we play the people in the hell before exactly to hear what God has to say on it, many times we want to play the role of God in judging.

We have the craze of mensurar sin, placing a list of more serious and less serious, for example, we consider adultery as a sin of death and many times we allow to the liar, maldizente, we allow idlatra, and Jesus was more beyond with the adultery one saying that if a person to look at for another one with sexual intentions already committed adultery with it, and if it deals with adultery the same with the same consequences. In 1CO 6:9 is written: Or you do not know that the unjust ones will not inherit the kingdom of God? You do not deceive yourselves: nor impure, nor idlatras, nor adultery, nor effeminate, nor sodomitas, nor thieves, nor miserly, nor drunk, nor maldizentes, nor roubadores will inherit the kingdom of God. What I write is not a permissividade for the sin, but yes a reflection on our paper that is to love and to pray one for the others and not to be executioners hiding our proper errors and pointing of the others. All we fail and why we want to demonstrate that we are more saints or that the errors of the others are bigger of what mine? We must hear the reply of God about we ourselves, the question to judge is well clear since times of the old will: you will not judge. The wounded souls are clamando, the deviated ones are devoid of visits and conjuncts, the fallen leaders need one word coming of the part of God. The soldiers who one day were in the battle of the faith had been wounded by one close malignant in the battlefield and are clamando for a soldier who is in good conditions so that he goes to rescue it. He has many wounded who are crying, are clamando for peace, therefore if they are far from the presence of God already rewards are receiving it for its acts, they are being punished, they are with open wounds and they are without hope, we do not have to be as fariseus, we do not have to be pretending, we must love and to practise mercy, this does not want to say that we must compactuar with sin, of form some, must love the souls. Today we can is of foot, but the word of God assures ‘ ‘ THAT ONE THAT THINKS IS OF FOOT SEES THAT NOT CAIA’ ‘.

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