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Posted July 1st, 2015 by Suzy

Insurance companies need to be expensive. I must also not very many of them have. I have only one thing: the correct owning! While it is of course on your status. You are single your insurance needs is another, as in a family, a child or a pensioner. Of course there is always the risk takers who spend your money for something “better” than for insurance and think: “nothing happened to me!” This statement one could also leave so easily and approve – if… Yes, if you alone like Robinson Crusoe on an deserted island living and really also not Friday – secure anyone -, hurt or damage could. Only then could start anything with a mountain full of money, or? So everything has shut its beautiful, but also its downsides and of course a price to pay. Insurance is a give and take and properly advise also not a book with seven seals of an independent insurance broker.

An insurance broker arrives on your wishes and needs, take into account your marital and financial scope, evaluates to the Insurance in favour of price and performance and also still enough air leaving you to the breathing. This of course requires that you also an insurance broker consult and not from any “would-be insurance brokers” by “independent investment advisers” – that are not independent, your bank Advisor – which has only your best in the sense – or your “good friend”, the Auschliesslichkeitsvertreter on the XY is insurance. De facto, pursue these other interests and sell of course even the fifth insurance of life, to earn you a golden nose. And who is to blame for this dilemma? All alone you – and no one else! Should check out already in advance? Use the World Wide Web for information that can save you life in the truest sense of the word. Check before the appointment status and repute of “representative”.

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