World of the Child

Posted March 21st, 2015 by Suzy

‘ ‘ The preschool phase and of alfabetizao enters in the world of the child, as well as the child it enters in the world of the tricks and fancies The games and tricks will have been explored for the educators of the Infantile Education as corporal manifestation, will have meanings and more will not be apprehended, contributing of this form for its integral formation. In case that contrary, the Joozinho, that deferred payment in a building in the Center of the Capital, surrounded for concrete and elevating, will give to greaters concerns in the school of first infancy. It did not learn to run, to jump, to circle will be a child with difficulties to read or to write? There it is that the Psicomotricidade enters to help the Joozinho in the playful activities, carried through, through the psicomotoras activities, in the direction to integrally develop the child in its pertaining to school life. Hand the workmanship educator of first infancy: We go to not only take the Joozinho, but, also the others children to discover its abilities to jump, to run, trepar’ ‘ , etc ‘ ‘.

Developing its forms of corporal expression that go to assist entirely in the formation of a human being. The teach-learning will have the one best one resulted for the walked ones of the trivial learnings, if before worrying in them in alfabetizar the language of the body. We go educators, to guide and to transform our classroom into a space where what he searchs it is the commitment with the small pupil citizen, through the contribution of the psicomotricidade in the teach-learning in the pertaining to school alfabetizao. The success of the alfabetizao does not depend on a method and nor on the didactic book, but on the position, the security and the comprometimento of the educator, in the knowledge that the practical psicomotoras can transform its classroom into a harmonious alfabetizador environment.

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