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Posted July 5th, 2019 by Suzy

Experience report of interns at the IT services provider NetSys.IT a report on an internship of Mrs Madushani Ilmenauer software company and IT service provider and NetSys.IT experience. The impressions of a young woman in the transition from school to work. Following her studies woman Munchow had to supplement the desire of their theoretical knowledge with practical experience. In their search for an internship, she discovered the display of the Ilmenauer IT service provider NetSys.IT and applied it. After a pleasant interview, she could start 2 internship just a week later.

From their impressions, Katrin Munchow knew how to report the following: the work took place in a very nice team, which treated me as a trainee as an equal colleague. Different tasks were granted me that I could do independently and creatively. For problems or questions I could at any time at my hostess Caroline Schilling or another employee contact and got a response immediately. My responsibilities included the design of Promotional flyers and ads, the definition of target market analysis for a planned software and creating a manual for a newly developed software of the IT service provider for the creation of online survey sheets. Also, I gained experience in the distribution work. My opinion is a good way to gain useful, practical experience in very nice and relaxed atmosphere. an internship at NetSys.IT” Caroline Schilling

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