Wind Anchor

Posted January 20th, 2021 by Suzy

If you have been forced into a raft, make sure to check inflation, leakage and friction as possible. Make sure that the buoyancy chambers are firm (well rounded, but not drum tight). Check regularly for inflation. The hot air expands to hot days, release some air. Sea anchor, or improvise a sea anchor with a bucket, any other large open mouth, a container or a large roll of clothing. A sea anchor will keep you close to where his ship was disabled or where they were forced to the raft, making it easier for rescuers to find him.

The sea anchor will also help keep the boat or raft the wind and waves. If the weather turns stormy, a spray and trying to manipulate the windscreen. If you are in a raft, if there is a canopy. If so, keep at all times. Keep your raft as dry as possible and properly balanced. Everyone in the raft will be seated with the heaviest person in the center of the raft. If you are in a cold climate, put on extra clothing as possible.

Keep clothes loose and comfortable. If you are in a raft, being careful not to get caught with sharp objects. Try to keep the floor of the raft dry. If possible, cover it with canvas or cloth for insulation. Huddle with others to keep warm, moving enough to maintain circulation. In a warm climate, make sure one platform umbrella or canopy. Cover your skin as much as possible to protect them from the sun.

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