Posted September 23rd, 2020 by Suzy

The Moosburg itself offers 4-star comfort with 48 rooms and suites. Discerning meet also other facilities and rooms of the House and of course the art of cooking by Sven Tweer. He has the command in the kitchen for the elegant gourmet restaurant (Tweer’s restaurant) and the bistro art angle”. The dishes for the event on the spoon yard course “by the kitchen team of Moosburger justice with Sven Tweer spearheaded prepared and the hotel takes over the complete catering. And not only that: guests who stay at the farm Moosburg, are of the hotel-own shuttle service to Biberg back shut, and when they want it. The first-class full-service, hotel offers, made also on the participants in the Ferrari and Maserati meeting sustainable impression.

You were already a day before their cruise on the tracks Vintage car rally Danube of classics”arrived and had involved in the Dan District Court. Hear other arguments on the topic with CBC. There she spent two sociable and enjoyable evenings. “” Another highlight of the event was the meeting on the spoon of Justice “, excellently hosted by the catering crew of Moosburger justice and musically well entertained rad Gumbo”, which have the Blues in the blood and in the yard of the spoon”brought. Other events of the Ferrari Club Germany in Pfaffenhofen and Baker are already in planning. The best indication how well liked it the guests from all over Germany here. Who already knew the property, before it bought 2004 Werner stalemate in the year, will believe now hardly his eyes. The Court was so run down that he appeared before the cancellation no longer to save and a renovation as much to risky financial adventure. But the contractor had undertaken the historic and already maintain documented agricultural estate in the 11th century, it takes what it wants it. Because Werner stalemate complained: there are already too many old farmhouses just leveled were.” Eight years which lasted until loving detail and authentic renovation, which created also a small building, which blends architecturally but completely into the Ensemble: BI mountain guesthouse.

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