We All Serve

Posted December 8th, 2016 by Suzy

Girls who are waiting, too, serve. We cherish and protect the love, loyalty and peace of a loved one. Do not sleep at night. Shed so many tears that if they do not dry on the cheeks, the earth would be completely covered by water, leaving no a single land mass. And then the next morning with swollen eyes and slept, with headache, accept your body, like a zombie at school (work). We ran home, quickly on the Internet to communicate with each other, so it's easier. Keep mobile phones in his hands, hope that the favorite now call, but here it is not ringing, my heart is filled with anxiety, excitement, experience. Sit and nervous, hands shaking, one can not hear.

Gaining strength while sitting on his knees hugging his knees, repeating: 'I can, I am strong 'So the whole night. And in the morning to gather strength, we move on. All around insists that there is no point in waiting, but we are closing their ears and move on. On this way, having lost many of those who were native to other people who just poisons our lives. A those who were casual passers-by, support us and become a family.

And we really can call them expensive. Engaged in battle, 'defend ourselves "from those who want to know us. We also have the title, but different from ranks of our soldiers. Order, too, have, know we shared with the soldiers. And a few days before him, as to muster. We support our troops in the difficult moments when both hard we try not to give rise to them, for .Prohodyat 365 days.

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