Posted February 13th, 2013 by Suzy

Exterminar all for the sword (Js 6:21; 8:24; 10:1 – 39; 11:11 – 14,16,17; 19:47; Jz 1:8,25; 4:6 – 16; God marches in the front, 18:27,28; 1Sm 15:3 – 8; without mercy even with the children; Jr 21:5 I myself I go to fight against vocs with strong hand and extended arm, ez 26:6,11; 28:7,8,23; 30:1 – 26; the country will be materialized of deceased; 32:11) Who with a full heart of love would say: ' ' I go to take off of the case my sword to kill in such a way just as unjust ' ' (Ez 21:8,9). What badly just made, beyond obeying its orders? What it makes to germinate in a full heart of love, the capacity to say and to make: ' ' I made you (the Fara) to be born necessarily to show in you mine poder' '? (Rm 9:15 – 17); to the children of Rebeca, when not yet they had made nothing of good or of badly it was said: ' ' In its womb it has two nations, two peoples if they separate in its viscera. A people will win the other, and oldest he will serve more to novo' '. (Gn 25:23; Rm 9:13; Ml 1:2,3). Who, with a paternal heart would say to its: ' ' its corpses will fall in this desert ' ' , (Nm 14:29)? Or: ' ' its corpses are for the streets as garbage ' ' , (Is 5:25)? As, somebody that only has love in the heart, after to expand these two Nations created for its proper will, promotes the perversity, as if It was not it Author of the Plans and Projects, which vitimou the ones that created it called and them ' ' not seus' ' , and to the shouts it commands: ' ' They kill, they sacrifice, they tear into pieces without mercy (Nm11: 33,34; 16:21 – 35; 17:6 – 15; 21:6; 25:5; 31:17; Dt 2:34; 7:2,16; 19:21; 20:16 – 18; Js 11:20; 1 Sm 15:2,3; Is 13:15,16; Ez 5:11; 9:5,6; 21:8,9; ), and thus it is all to take away the leaves of the old will, horrifying and persuading the future generations to accept to be fruits of the disobedience. showing to who It in fact loves and is faithful, says: ' ' E, then, as would be marked the Holy Writs, that say that this must happen? ' ' (TM 26:54). They do not argue the obedience lack, therefore what it was said and made with the children of Rebeca, the Fara and the kings: ' ' In fact, God had hardened the heart of these kings, to fight with Israel, so that they were exterminados without mercy and completely destroyed, as God had commanded the Moiss' ' , much space for justifications does not leave (Js 11:20). The true Love would have ordered to circuncidar the heart (Jr 4:4) and to give a new Spirit to each one; (Ez 11:19,20; 36:26,27); it would never opt to macabros sacrifices justified by ' ' Plans, projects, Is Ways 55:8) and Nmeros' ' (AP 6:11), imagined for one Mind capable to impose things as: ' ' They will eat the meat of the proper children (Lv 26:29; Dt 28:53; 2 Rs 6:28,29) You would treat its children as It treats Its?

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