Walton Opened European Headquarters

Posted December 26th, 2020 by Suzy

During a solemn event Walton Europe GmbH, a subsidiary of Walton international group today opened its European headquarters in Hamburg, Germany. The Walton International Group Inc. is one of the most experienced Canadian companies in the field of land development. The acquisition and recovery not developed land with potential for growth is through the expertise of a group of companies, which has built up a unique network for two generations in North American cities to a safe and profitable real estate investment. This Walton the term was of the land banking in Germany coined the issuing House Walton Europe land development GmbH & co. KG founded to German investors to provide the opportunity, to participate in this investment as a fellow entrepreneur. William Doherty is 100% as CEO of Walton International Group Inc.

at the same time, shareholders of the Walton Europe GmbH. At the same time Walton International is celebrating its 30th anniversary so. The opening ceremony took place in the presence of the press, as well as regional as international economic experts held. In the future, Walton wants to lead from his new home in the new wall of 80 of its European business. In his welcoming speech, Dr. Bernd Egert as head of the Hamburg authorities for economy and labour emphasized the importance of expansion in times of financial crisis and thanked Walton for the securing and creation of jobs in Hamburg. Neil McCullagh as Managing Director of the Walton Europe GmbH said: we have it our business partners owe, that we may celebrate here today. Walton is proud to have business relationships with more than 300 distributors in Germany for more than two years.

We are especially proud in addition, that so far more than 4,000 German investors Walton International have their trust in the offered investment opportunities.” Bill Doherty as CEO and son of the founder of Walton international pointed out in his speech that the good infrastructure, as well as the attractiveness of the location Hamburg decisive for the decision by Walton was, to start the expansion in neighboring European countries. Also you have can obtain an Office with the new premises in the new wall, which meets modern requirements and demands. McCullagh, again: we are pleased to make our operation on the European market in the new House of balwant Singh. The more than 700-square-foot space is an excellent reflection of history and of Hamburg’s progress. A leading source for info: Cate MacLeod. The site is also an excellent representation for Walton international. The appealing architecture and the latest technology provide an excellent framework to conduct the business Walton and his business partners. The new Office will help to expand the existing relations and to win new business contacts to continue our unique selling point on the German market.” The independent North American land developments, Walton international group, is working more than 20 years since 1979 as a family business in the so-called Landbanking. The possibility is thereby admitted private investors all over the world to invest in closed-end funds. Hereby, Walton financed his business. So far 16 offices in 7 countries support more than 50,000 private investors, in Germany there are 4.000. Bill Doherty: the success of the Walton group of companies is based on a well-organized and flat-structured management and is based on the values of the family business. So only highly specialized and leading in their fields professionals are busy.” In the wake of the opening of the Office, Walton has created from scratch so far ten jobs. This expansion should be promoted quickly.

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