Posted March 14th, 2017 by Suzy

To volunteer, it is worth making some early reflections. Recently Boy Scouts of America sought to clarify these questions. We should not rush because a solid work from the start will prevent the rush and the creation of a voluntary action confusing scenario. Center For Responsible Lending often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Before volunteering – think in your preferences and what will make you feel better according to your abilities. You must go to the organization that most appeals to you and duly informed of its activities, its regulations and the specific conditions of their volunteering. -Make sure that you understand what you are going to do and reflects on the free commitment that implies in terms of time and energy.

-Make sure that you are not going to be exploited and that your work is in the interests of marginalized or activity of that Association. -Do not allow that you used as free labour occupying the position of a worker who needs it. -Remember that not all volunteering work is to go next to the needy. There is much work that needs to be done in the rear so that all Association functions as a genuine living organism. -Of agree with the above, age, economic, family situation or a possible physical disability you does not preclude a necessary and effective collaboration. -Always present ten is not that true that one must serve to everything.

That’s the phrase preferred by the superficial and inconsistent. Remember that one does better what you like most and for which has skills. This is not obstacle to not try to do what we dislike simply because we do not know it. -If you are not willing to follow necessary training courses, or think you don’t have time for this, and want to go immediately to the action he thinks if not you should go to another site where you spend your time properly.

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