Volga Time

Posted December 22nd, 2011 by Suzy

Interestingly, among themselves Avars, the Mongols were a significant part "nirunskie 'birth, distinguished by pronounced signs of Caucasians. More recently, in the Mongolian Empire created by Genghis Khan, considered a privileged stratum niruny. At the same time he also served as Genghis Khan nirunom. Gradually the power of the Avars began weaken and the end of VIII century, after two decades of war, the Frankish king Charlemagne completed the rout Avar Khanate. At the end of the IX. Avars almost all Bulgarians were killed and assimilated in Hungary and Bulgaria. In VII century the Khazars in The Ural steppes appear Khazars.

Khazars – people of Turkish origin. Sources mention the Khazars from the VI. Khazar state emerged in VII. as a result of the collapse of the Eastern Turkic Khanate. Territory of the Khazars then constituted the steppes from the Urals to the Volga delta and on to the Caucasus, the northern Black Sea region and part of Crimea. The population consisted mostly of nomads. The main form of farming in a long time khaganate remained nomadic herding. The gradual development of agriculture, development of crafts and extensive trade relations created the preconditions for the formation of urban-type settlements.

Those who were placed on particularly busy thoroughfares and also were well protected, grew into large cities. During this period, the land of the Urals are beginning to penetrate the warlike inhabitants of Scandinavia Norman-Rus, who successfully opposed devastating raids on the Khazars settles in their territory. At the same time with the Slavs Rus were peaceful trade.

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