Posted April 15th, 2012 by Suzy

Which the criteria for a good choice? (The here described principles can be adopted for any type of team.) The criteria and details are many if to observe so that the pastoral team is excellent. As we do not have the intention to complicate, but to simplify, let us see the three criteria that I consider most important. Vocation: I will choose the vocacionados ones. It prevents the volunteers. The vocacionados ones accept the direction of the leader, the volunteers want to make its proper direction.

Vocacionado accepted the rhythm, the speed of the leader. The volunteer wants to make its proper rhythm. The vocacionado one will be present to all the calls of the leader, the volunteer will appear to give time or if he will not have nothing more important to make. Ability: Choice its pastoral team thus it supplies the ministerial necessities of the church. For example: If you want to form the ministry of couples of the church, you bring for its team, somebody that ability in this area has.

The same one applies for all the other areas. Either treasure-house, secretariat or leadership of louvor. It never calls a humorista to lead a velrio. Heart: The member of the pastoral team has that to have the heart directed toward the workmanship of God. It can have any defect, but it must love the church and understand the love of God for ' ' ovelhas' '. The member of the pastoral team must also have a treatable, ensinvel heart. It can have the advanced age, but it cannot be aged emotionally. It must have pleasure in learning and growing emotionally. It can until not liking agglomeration or multitudes, but it must love people. It has that to like people. The great challenge is here as to know the heart of the people. It is well probable that you are surprised or disappointed many times, exactly for that knows better. As prophet Jeremias (17 said: 9): ' ' Enganoso is the heart, more than what all the things ' '. However, when we coexist somebody and we develop a relationship, we can observe its nature. We can test its character and know details of its personality that gives in them at least a notion of what we can wait. The only way of if knowing the heart of somebody are coexisting this person. It remembers as oldest they said: ' ' We only know somebody of truth after eating much salt with ele' '. It is the purest truth. Some people think that Jesus if mook a mistake when choosing Judas Iscariotes for its team. I think that not, quite to the contrary. I think that Judas was chosen strategically. Exactly it, had a heart that he corresponded to the intention of its call. He makes as Jesus made, (Lucas 6:12 and 13), prays the God and has asked for direction before choosing its team, thus the possibility of errors will be reduced to the minimum. One remembers: Jesus did not call nobody to who has not known before!

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