Victor Gunin

Posted June 27th, 2016 by Suzy

What is responsibility? What is included? When will the answer? Nobody knows! "Completes a round table discussion about what can be done to simplify and accelerate the clearance mechanisms of permits. Victor Gunin, Inc. 'Mechanics of growth of Leasing' said little interest in promoting the project officials: "The administration regular officer sits, and he was not interested in the economics of the project and does not understand that there will be. Why should he? As long as there is today's control system, the more uncertain are the same risks, higher rates funding. " Alexander Filatov, LLC "AlyansRegionLizing" proposed to connect the Chamber of Commerce, in Novosibirsk, where he works biznesroientirovannaya Chamber of Commerce to help business to solve problems. "Based on the individual complaints – this may not lead to anything, – said Alexander – is necessary to organize these structures, which would be denounced to the authorities, but even better would be represented by authorities. Chamber of Commerce and even obliged to do it, because it was created for this purpose. " Paul Vysotsky, LLC "CLP-Invest" suggested that starting with the fact that all major developers, with experience in lending, including real estate and so on, based on their experience, first wrote their own mechanism for how to simplify these procedures. Because the bureaucrats themselves, they do it will never be. So or otherwise, but commercial real estate market is actively growing, and no matter what, the next 3 years in our town a few new interesting projects, and by that time may have problems in the administration public sector will be established.

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