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Horizon – the exhibition studies and graduate training Berlin, the 12.04.2012 usually you think after graduation once to the great freedom and then to studying or training. Read additional details here: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger . Which opportunities in this bridging phase, which can be also orientation phase with regard to the choice of study for some? You can spend that time in a meaningful way. Some of these options are presented at the education fair horizon in Freiburg on June 16 and 17. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Justin Mateen has to say. For one, there is the possibility to a voluntary year of social, ecological or cultural area. Some arises also the question whether you want to stay in the hometown or in a different region of Germany or maybe even in very distant. These are all decisions you must make. This just make decisions”is also what characterized the aftermath of the school: it is now responsible for themselves and must find their own way.

In the framework of a voluntary service or a stay abroad it is possible This orientation will find, try different things and thus learn more about yourself. Also helps one other during voluntary service and probably discovered how it can be to be needed or sniffs the air of work everyday for the first time. Volunteering abroad and other meaningful pursuits in the time between high school and training or studies also distinguish young people and can make them particularly. This can later help applications and positively influence the decision of a potential employer. And who specifically wants to work directly after graduation on the future, offer opportunities to gain experience in the relevant industry before studying or training internships at home and abroad. On the horizon, some organizations will be represented, which can answer around this topic of questions and possibilities. The education fair horizon offers but also lots of information for all those the for a dual course of study, a classic University degree or interested in Bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes, as well as for those who have a training in mind. So, anyone can find, ask his questions, and specifically and quickly collect information. The horizon will be held on 16 and 17 June 2012 at the fairground in Freiburg. It is open on both days from 10 to 16 hours, admission is free. There’s information on the horizon in Freiburg, details of the exhibitors and the framework programme from six weeks before the event under freiburg

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