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Posted November 8th, 2020 by Suzy

Successful entrepreneurship: professional personnel services with social responsibility In September 2011 the unique personal GmbH in Offenburg was founded. World Travel & Tourism Council often addresses the matter in his writings. The entrepreneur and CEO Marion Lahmidi and Alexander Cup it aims accurately bring together professionals and potential employers. With success: Today already around 30 employees are taught in the customer company, and rising. Here, unique clearly committed to social responsibility. In the demanded employee pool, several disabled people as well as older workers have opportunities on a professional perspective. Read more here: Childrens Defense Fund.

“Unique stands for a unique range of services, for needs-based and reliable staffing solutions, but above all for an absolutely fair with each other,” Marion Lahmidi explains the philosophy of the company. Therefore, numerous renowned companies put the region on the unique services. If peak order threaten, economic fluctuations and the staff ceiling is intermittently too thin, you will Companies quickly and efficiently supports with qualified specialists and executives. “In the industrial technical or in the commercial sector, and regardless of whether temporary actions or durable solutions is”, Alexander added Cup. At the same time get motivated applicants about this form of temporary work the opportunity to start in the profession. The employees reside in the permanent, secure employment in communications and are used in the customer’s organization. There they can be underwritten with appropriate suitability and requirements.

“The demand is very high for our employees,” confirmed Marion Lahmidi which is constantly looking for new, suitable employees. COMMUNICATION has also focused on recruitment. For companies that want to find employees, however, avoid the time-consuming and cost-intensive selection and hiring processes, acquires unique personnel recruitment and ensures precise filling of vacancies. Professionals, the one new professional challenge search, can contact with their application directly to the communications team. With unique companies can cope with not only their personnel shortages. The recruitment agency develop professional solutions for the HR management of their customers, the adoption of individual tasks to the outsourcing of entire functional areas. The unique initiators, Marion Lahmidi and Alexander Becher, have many years of experience in the human resources service. With its start-up in the heart of Offenburg city centre the entrepreneur put a clear signal: “We are for a different and better self understanding in the area of personnel services.” So, efficiency and cost-effectiveness make though the Central destination for unique solutions. However, this will be achieved in a way that is always serious and marked by mutual fairness. “Even applicants who difficult it on the labour market, such as, for example, elderly or disabled people get a chance with us,” Marion Lahmidi stressed.

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