Unconditional Spirit

Posted June 13th, 2017 by Suzy

The education in spirituality there is broad consensus among educators holistic spirituality, as the most distinctive aspect of holistic education over other forms of education of the great emphasis on spirituality comes from the philosophy and assumptions that underlie holistic education. Since my primary use of reason heard in the religious education of said school where education was dogmatic, elitist, spiritual. Now with holistic education that is more complete feel total and talk of spirituality is consciously doing so responsibly and with the soul and that when we talk of spirituality is to talk about yourself, how to conduct guided education in the spirit. Holistic education moves us spirituality motivates us to carry out our actions to better see the subject as a human being and why not try to make education intolerant but motivated to stay alive in the spirit to educate ourselves better without any links to any religion fully paid up as individuals or as holistic educators. The spirit is the source of meaning and significance is the root of our life so that the deeper meaning leads us to the question of spirituality. From this address the meaning of human being is the root of our life from the depths of our being and this leads us to the question of spirituality as a natural orientation towards entrepreneurship and a strong natural conditions without suppressing this impulse is the spirit in everything and as the source of all each individual is part of everything. Therefore this leads us to be better human beings on this planet we live on this kosmos, spirituality refers to a living force within us to our true nature deeper and beyond the illusions, beliefs and cultural conditioning are our spirit and this leads to a great harmony with the things around us to be entered into a universal general purpose beyond ourselves as the dimension unconditioned untouched original and impossible to play in cultural life, the source from which flow forms, meanings, the foundation from which emerge in space and time as the unconditional basis of spirituality is total freedom, intelligence, full and universal love.

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