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Posted November 11th, 2020 by Suzy

The journey of Muhammad Asad (advance short lecture VDM e.V. RCMP will not settle for partial explanations. Association for thinking people) the way to Mecca-the journey of Muhammad Asad follows the journey of Leopold Weiss alias Muhammad Asad, from the fringes of the former Danube monarchy until after Israel, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and New York. He visited the places at which he himself once stopped. egarding this issue. Parallel, a complex image of Islam is deflowered. On the stations of the journey, the considerations of Asad’s are faced today problems between Orient and Occident.

The film crew in his footsteps and meets people from its immediate vicinity on the reconstructed path of life: family and friends, experts and scientists, admirers of his work, as well as numerous random acquaintances who know a lot, little or nothing of the reformists forgotten. That could be an Austrians of of key to a better understanding of these contrasting worlds surprised. Muhammad Asad was a visionary, whose thought him almost to the Martin Luther of the Islam made. A forgotten author, philosopher, dreamer and founding father and UN Ambassador Pakistan, which, immensely influenced the modern theological thought of this religion in addition to his writings on the worldview, law and the philosophy of Islam with his translation of the Quran. Still today, his translation among scientists and academics is regarded as the best ever. He saw himself as mediator”Although his religious beliefs and political sympathies were clearly distributed and in the film also a problematization repeated experience. Through his work, Asad has become one of the most important cultural mediators between the Western culture and those of the Orient. It seems amazing that only a few of Muhammad Asad know. When? November 11, 2010 18:00 where? Ruhr-Universitat Bochum Auditorium HZO 40 admission 2,-information:

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