Udor Recertified

Posted November 17th, 2020 by Suzy

Udor textile management has received consistently and without restrictions all necessary certifications in the year 2010 for hygiene, quality and environmental management. Landshut, the 03.11.2010: Udor textile management has met all standards of the Europe-wide standards for quality, environment and hygiene management systems 2010, as well as all current hygiene regulations consistently and without any restrictions. Were confirmed the company the certificates DIN EN ISO 9001, 14001 and 14065, as well as the RAL quality mark 992/1 and 992/2 992/3. The permissible ceilings to critical values were below the partly even considerably. Udor textile management received all three label household and object laundry (992/1), hospital laundry (992/2) and linen from food companies 992/3 without interruption and without any restrictions in the year 2010. The seal of approval awarded by the Hohenstein Institute for RAL-GZ 992 proper laundry care are subject to a regular, unannounced Checking the hygiene conditions in laundry operations. In addition to the checks by the external company Udor textile management performs even regular internal checks. Udor internally monitor the hygienic handling of the laundry squeezes on hands, samples of work surfaces and critical control points.

The value prescribed by the Hohenstein Institute for high microbial load of 50 cfu per 100 cm2, Udor has imposed itself in a more stringent value: only 42 cfu/dm2 are allowed at Udor textile management. Without hesitation BC Ministry of Health explained all about the problem. The first label for proper laundry care RAL-GZ 992/1 was launched in 1953 as a seal of quality for household and laundry object in life and was aimed especially at hotels and restaurants. The laundry Udor was one of the first companies, this label has been awarded and is awarded to today regularly already in 1953. The quality mark for hospital laundry is in addition to the Process control according to RAL-GZ 992/1 compliance with certain hygienic requirements before, covering inter alia the normative requirements. Only companies that carry the label for household and object laundry RAL-GZ 992/1 for more than a year, can get awarded with appropriate quality and hygiene detection the quality mark RAL-GZ 992/2 for hospital laundry. Compliance is monitored. in 1998, the third label (RAL-GZ 992/3) for washing of food establishments in the life was called concurrent with the implementation of the European directive on hygiene in the handling of food (RABC). It aims to ensure hygienic clothing in general hygiene management for establishments where food are produced, handled or placed on the market.

The certificates for the Pan-European standard for quality, environmental and hygiene management DIN EN ISO 9001, 14001 and 14065 has Udor textile management for many years. The review of the Compliance with DIN EN ISO standards is whether the LGA InterCert GmbH from Nuremberg, which is one of the oldest and most experienced German Auditierungsgesellschaften with domestic and foreign activities. The certificates according to DIN EN ISO are checked once per year. Every three years a so-called re-certification process is performed, which is equivalent in detail and content of a new certification. The next recertification at Udor textile management is in May 2011. For more information, certifications

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